Above and Beyond Blizzard Dog Coat


The ultimate defence for dogs. This technical outer layer protects dogs against the cold and the wet. Features weatherproof outer made from black hexagon nylon. 4 layers for superior warmth, and 4 reflective points for low-light visibility. Designed for easy adjustment and a precision fit.

Above and Beyond Pet Size Guide
Above and Beyond Blizzard Dog Coat   cm in  
  Small 30 11 Back length
  Medium 40 15
  Large 50 19
  Extra Large 60 23
Above and Beyond Dog Harness   cm in  
  Small 51-67 20-26 Chest Girth
  Medium 68-86 26-33
  Large 87-120 34-47
Above and Beyond Reflective Dog Collar   cm in  
  Small 29-34 11-13 Neck
  Medium 34-41 13-16
  Large 41-49 16-19
Size chart

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