Darien Gap Collection

Celebrating the 18,000 mile journey from Anchorage to Southern Argentina and the successful Darien Gap crossing between Columbia and Panama of 1972. You'll see the Navy and Gold of the original Range Rovers across the collection.

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  1. Women's Heritage Leather Jacket
  2. Men's Heritage Leather Jacket
  3. Men's Heritage Quilted Jacket
  4. Heritage Darien Gap Wallet
  5. Heritage Darien Gap Espresso Set
  6. Men's Heritage Chambray Shirt
  7. Heritage Darien Gap Bottle Stoppers
  8. Heritage Darien Gap Passport Holder
  9. Women's Heritage Shirt
  10. Heritage Darien Gap Card Holder
  11. Men's Heritage Full Zip Sweatshirt - Navy
  12. Heritage Darien Gap Magnetic Board
  13. Heritage Darien Gap Coaster Set x 4
  14. Women's Heritage Graphic T-Shirt
  15. Heritage Darien Gap Mug Set x 2
  16. Men's Heritage Polo Shirt
  17. Heritage Darien Gap iPhone Cover
  18. Heritage Darien Gap Samsung Galaxy S7 Cover
  19. Men's Heritage Graphic Tee
  20. Heritage Darien Gap Note Book - A4
Grid List

20 Products

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Darién Gap

In December 1971, two Range Rover crews set out on a formidable 18,000 mile journey across the Americas. From Anchorage, Alaska to the most southerly point in Argentina. Halfway down, they faced The Darién Gap. 250 miles of swamplands and rainforest between Columbia and Panama. But it was far from the end of the road. With grit, guts and peerless capabilities, these British icons made it through to complete their expedition. Now their journey continues with the 2017 Land Rover Heritage Collection. A premium range of clothing, gifts and accessories, inspired by that all-conquering spirit of perseverance. You’ll see the Navy and Gold of those original Range Rovers across the collection; while technical graphics, route map designs and accounts of The Darién Gap crossing bring the legendary British Trans-Americas Expedition to life. Discover the Heritage Collection.